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Tevin Campbell - Dandelion

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Do you recall the time
You captured this heart of mine
Lying in a field full of dandelions
You are my life, you're my sunshine
A beautiful flower, wild but yet divine, so hard to find
I'm glad I picked my lovely dandelion

While I was lying in the autumn breeze
I felt a brush against my skin
So elegantly free, so delicate was she
And something deep within was calling out to me
Where have you been? I've waited patiently
I never thought you'd find your way
Her voice so heavenly, dear God I can't believe
An angel sent to me don't ever go away


I picked a petal just to taste and see
Oh how sweet your love could really be
Then all the honey bees would surely envy me
Don't let this fantasy become a memory

I'll be the rain that falls upon you, le me be your morning dew
I'll be the breeze embracing you
I'll be the sun that shines so brightly on the darker side of you
Throughout the night I'll be your guiding light
The star that's watching you

(Chorus) x 2

Lovely is she
Heaven sent
Beauty far beyond what any eye can see
And now my life is so complete
And I believe you're the air I breathe
The song I sing, my everything

(Chorus) x 2

Do you remember you took my heart?
And do you remember you took my soul?
And I love you baby, love you forever and I looove...........

Tevin Campbell - Tevin Campbell

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