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Robin Williams - Drugs, Alcoholism And More Drugs

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Robin Williams - Weapons of Self Destruction

Robin Williams Weapons of Self Destruction Album Photo
1.  What's Up DC?!? Chicago/Rio Olympics  2:10
2.  Fires, Weed And The Weather  5:25
3.  Hybrids And Animals  4:48
4.  Healthcare And Heart Surgery  6:10
5.  Bush, Cheney And The Obamas  8:37
6.  Sarah Palin, The Clintons, And Jack  5:25
7.  Arnold, The Economy And Alternative Fuels  6:00
8.  Technology  8:01
9.  The Summer Olympics And Athletics  6:46
10.  Drugs, Alcoholism And More Drugs  10:46
11.  Religion And Marriage  6:47
12.  Intelligent Design  5:56
13.  Porn  3:59
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Robin Williams - Religion And Marriage
Weapons of Self Destruction
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Robin Williams - Technology
Weapons of Self Destruction
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Robin Williams - Porn
Weapons of Self Destruction
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Robin Williams - Fires, Weed And The Weather
Weapons of Self Destruction
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Robin Williams - Bush, Cheney And The Obamas
Weapons of Self Destruction
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Robin Williams - What's Up DC?!? Chicago/Rio Olympics
Weapons of Self Destruction
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Robin Williams - Intelligent Design
Weapons of Self Destruction
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Robin Williams - The Summer Olympics And Athletics
Weapons of Self Destruction
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Robin Williams - Arnold, The Economy And Alternative Fuels
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Robin Williams - Hybrids And Animals
Weapons of Self Destruction
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