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Massari - Don't Let Go

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Don't Let Go
(feat. Belly)

[verse 1]
Don't let go off my belly shawty
I know what you want
What i can do from the back
I can do from the front (geah)
So why you choosin' the front?
Forget you, man, what i can do in a day
You couldn't do in a month
And im known as a live hype man
Cuz i can turn one night into a five night stand
I got a plan to take the world over
So tell ya boy that belly got plans to take his girl over
No man, there's no chance to hold hands
Slow jams, no, i dont romance
So it could be me and you leavin da club
Girl, admit you're in need of a thug

Don't let go off my body, shawty
I know what you want
Movin ya body, u got me holdin ya closely
I wanna come give you love
Over and over until the night turns to mornin
And lady just so you know
I would've never expected the way that you put it on me
And now i cant get enough
At first you were bluffin me
But now i know dat you want me

[verse 2]
Shorty you just got to know dat your man's got to go
He aint doin nuttin for you
So you can creep on the low
Come and knock on the door and i can do somethin for you
And now you actin so different around him
?? so different around him
Goin to places without him
Because of me now you startin to ??
Lately he's hardly around you to know what you're goin through

You don't him-forget about him
-but you're thinkin that you dont really know me
Girl you know i want ur body, even if ur with somebody


Everyday, everynight, i stay on your mind
I got you feelin hot now
You leavin your man behind
Seein that it's time, now dont let go off wat you got now
And i mean the way that you stayin the same
And now that you playin the game
You moanin and sayin my name
And baby now that you changin your ways
I know that you came here to stay
He's tellin you to stop now

[bridge x2]


[chorus again]

Massari - Massari

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