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'Big Brother' Finale: 6 Frankie Grande GIFs for All Outcomes

Katie Atkinson   |   
'Big Brother' Finale: 6 Frankie Grande GIFs for All Outcomes Photo

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When the Big Brother finale airs Wednesday night (Sept. 24), you better be armed with the proper GIFs to express your emotions online. Let's go to the most expressive BB16 houseguest for some help: Ariana Grande's big bro Frankie Grande.

Ariana Grande Knew How Frankie Could Win 'Big Brother'

The YouTube "mogul" was a divisive character by the time he left the house last week, but he always gave good GIF. Here are some great reaction shots for all tonight's various outcomes:

If Zach, Nicole or Donny wins America's Favorite Houseguest

When Frankie realizes he didn't win America's Favorite Houseguest
Frankie Grande

When the houseguests find out Derrick is a cop

If Cody wins

If Victoria wins

If Derrick wins

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