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Evanescence - Evanescence (Deluxe Edition)


Evanescence Evanescence (Deluxe Edition) Album Photo
by star_s

Evanescence is the self-titled third studio album by American rock band Evanescence. The album was released on October 7, 2011, through Wind-up Records.

The band started the writing process for the album on June 2009. The release of the album was changed several times. First, on February 22, 2010 the band entered the studio with producer Steve Lillywhite but later they stopped recording the album with him because he "wasn't the right fit". During that time the album was scheduled for an August or September 2010 release, but Lee later announced that Evanescence had left the studio to write more material. On April 11, 2011, the band went back into the studio with a new producer, Nick Raskulinecz, and tracking was completed on July 8, 2011.

The first single from the album, "What You Want", was released on August 9, 2011. "My Heart Is Broken", the second single of the album will be sent to Hot/Mod/AC radio on October 31, 2011 and to pop radio on November 1, 2011.


1.  What You Want  3:42
2.  Made of Stone  3:34
3.  The Change  3:42
4.  My Heart Is Broken  4:29
5.  The Other Side  4:05
6.  Erase This  3:55
7.  Lost in Paradise  4:43
8.  Sick  3:30
9.  End of the Dream  3:49
10.  Oceans  3:38
11.  Never Go Back  4:27
12.  Swimming Home  3:44
13.  New Way to Bleed  3:47
14.  Say You Will  3:43
15.  Disappear  3:07
16.  Secret Door  3:53
17.  What You Want (Elder Jepson Remix)  3:19


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