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Akon - Konvicted


Akon Konvicted Album Photo
by itemvn

Konvicted is the second album by hip hop and R&B singer Akon. It was originally released in November 2006.

The album features tracks recorded with Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Styles P and T-Pain. There will be a re-release of the album on August 28, 2007 with three new songs including the hit single "Sorry, Blame It on Me".


1.  Shake Down  3:53
2.  Blown Away  3:29
3.  Smack That  3:33
4.  I Wanna Love You  4:07
5.  The Rain  3:28
6.  Never Took The Time  3:58
7.  Mama Africa  4:27
8.  I Can't Wait  3:47
9.  Gangsta Bop  4:06
10.  Tired Of Runnin'  4:34
11.  Once In A While  3:58
12.  Don't Matter  4:52


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